• E-learning – We specialize in the development of state-of-the-art eLearning activities. Whether it’s interactive, case-based learning, curriculum development, interactive panel discussions, live or archived webconferences, or interactive PDFs we focus on delivering great activities in the fastest moving segment of the continuing education enterprise
    • Unique educational formats – Terranova has designed and delivered educational formats that work to satisfy varied educational needs and learner styles. Talk with us about our special educational formats, including the Town Hall Debate, the Toolkit, and the Branched Decision Tree, as well as our new Minutes™ initiative, providing niche-topic content from scientific meetings (eg, Mycology Minutes™)
    • Non-branded educational materials – We partner with advocacy organizations to create healthcare provider and customizable patient education materials, consensus statements, and in-office tools to optimize the delivery of care and improve counseling efforts
    • Advanced outcomes: design, evaluation, and reporting – Educators by training, we always start with the end in mind. With extensive experience in educational design and results evaluation, most notably our recent iPad technology feature and new activities with a strong focus on patient level outcomes, we strive to demonstrate the true value of CME.  With a track record for delivering these meaningful outcomes, Terranova provides relevant and easily accessible resources specific to treatment needs.
    • Live meetings (from regional to international) – We have experience in the full range of live meetings from satellite symposia at international, national, and regional meetings, live and archived webcasts, to hospital-based grand rounds. Again, we start with the end in mind—focusing on leveraging the live meeting experience as an enduring activity to extend the impact of the content
    • Collaboration – Our unique ability to develop accurate and highly relevant educational materials has given the medical community, from grassroots efforts to internationally renowned organizations, a wide variety of new information. With the help of patient advocacy groups such as AIM at Melanoma, the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers, physician specialty groups like the Mycoses Study Group Education and Research Consortium, pharmacy groups such as the Society for Infectious Diseases Pharmacists, and service organizations such as the Colorado Health Network, we have been successful in creating various activities and web portals that will expand the educational resources for both patients and healthcare providers alike
    • International Initiatives – Our activities have been accessed in over 130 countries and translated into dozens of languages. Recently, we have begun customized, dedicated international initiatives with international faculty, translations, and specific international audience generation efforts
    • Leveraging Social Media to Build Communities – Partnering with social media experts across the pond, we have developed fantastic online communities for our infectious diseases and oncology groups. Check us out at and and