• Immuno-Oncology Essentials (IO Essentials) Initiative Launches to Support Early Recognition and Management of Side Effects From Immunotherapy

    Richmond, CA December 3, 2018—The AIM with Immunotherapy Foundation, in collaboration with Terranova Medica, LLC, is pleased to announce the launch of the Immuno-Oncology Essentials (IO Essentials) Initiative. This comprehensive compendium of resources was designed to educate and engage oncology health care professionals (HCPs) and patients regarding the optimal use of immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy across tumor types, with a special focus on identifying and managing associated immune-related adverse events (irAEs).

    The website,, features many convenient resources/tools for its users. For HCPs, the seminal feature is a set of Care Step Pathways (CSPs), step-by-step assessment, grading, and management guides for notable irAEs associated with ICI therapy. HCP Toolkits are quick and easy guides to individual therapies, including key dosing/administration information, irAE management information, clinical pearls, Q/A, and resources. Patient Action Plans are customizable, printable pages for HCPs to share with patients on administration, individual irAE management, and financial and educational resources. IrAE management videos from the experts are available for both HCPs and patients. For convenient searching, the website content is grouped by drug and by tumor type and is optimized for use on both PC/tablets and mobile devices. There is also a Q/A panel forum on the companion Facebook page so learners can pose questions to experts and share insights. The website also maintains a directory of the latest news on immunotherapies, relevant links, as well as a link to a companion certified education site.

    Many of these resources were updated and customized from the extremely popular Melanoma Nursing Initiative (MNI). “The IO Essentials Initiative came from an outgrowth of interest in the use of materials from MNI, which went live in late 2017 and featured several CSPs for HCPs to use to identify and manage irAEs” shares Chair Brianna Hoffner, MSN, AOCNP.  “While these were created in the context of melanoma, the feedback we received was that these tools would be really helpful across other tumor types in which HCPs are using immunotherapy. We, therefore, brought together a group of 10 faculty who have expertise in each of these tumor types, looked at the materials created for the MNI, and then tailored that content for the specific tumor types. Our team is so excited to have this comprehensive range of resources available for oncology providers.”

    Future activities will round out the offerings of the IO Essentials Initiative, including a planned JADPRO supplement that further contextualizes the information across tumor types for the advanced practice provider, regional/national meetings on the content, and potential expansion/translation to an international audience. Collaborations have begun with major advocacy organizations within the key tumor types to distribute the materials to patients, including the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, the Lymphoma Research Foundation, and the Kidney Cancer Association.

    About AIM with Immunotherapy

    The AIM with Immunotherapy Foundation is a not-for-profit sister organization of the AIM at Melanoma Foundation. AIM at Melanoma is the largest international melanoma foundation globally engaged and locally invested in advancing the battle against melanoma through innovative research, legislative reform, education, and patient and caregiver support. In terms of innovation in melanoma research, AIM employs groundbreaking international research initiatives and unparalleled tools and resources in the battle for the cure. In terms of global engagement and advocacy, AIM makes a difference globally through education and advocacy efforts such as the International Melanoma Working Group (IMWG), an expert think tank involving a worldwide group of melanoma experts. Finally, in terms of education and support, AIM provides answers, information, and support for everyone touched by melanoma.

    About Terranova Medica:

    Terranova Medica, LLC, is a medical education company whose mission is to deliver high-quality educational initiatives to meet the needs of the healthcare professional and patient, with a special emphasis on interactive e-learning in infectious diseases and oncology. Terranova’s principal, Lisa Tushla, PhD, H(ASCP) is a trained bench scientist with extensive clinical/research experience in both solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. She also has over 15 years’ experience developing interdisciplinary educational initiatives in oncology and is the recipient of 2 Alliance for Continuing Education Awards for Outstanding Collaboration for melanoma and multiple myeloma curricula. Terranova has been collaborating with AIM on various programs since 2009, including seminal publication support for manuscripts published in CancerJournal of Surgical Oncology, and Melanoma Research


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